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a bit about me

One thing should be fairly obvious by now: I am a car nut and net junkie. By some strange coincidence, I also happen to be the List Administrator for the Miata Mailing List.

Recently, I've made the move from amateur to professional car nut. I moved to Colorado with my Land Rover and Miata to work for Flyin' Miata. This means I spend all day playing with Miatas while getting the chance to explore the Colorado outdoors after work. I used to work in the computer industry doing human interaction work. Someday I'll go back. Maybe.

When I'm not at work, I'm usually outside bouncing around. I love to ride bikes, whether on or off road. I've worked as a windsurfing instructor and I love to kayak and goof around in the water. When it gets cold, as it is liable to do in Colorado, I snowshoe in the bush. I was once lucky enough to spend an entire winter in the French Alps as a ski bum. I'm also trained as a music teacher, as that's what I was planning to do with myself before I got pulled into computers and then into cars. Not a typical career path, but I'm having fun.

The Miata - well, I think what's on this site helps explain how much I enjoy my little car. I've met a lot of very interesting people through my connections to Miata folks all over the world, and it's landed me in some pretty interesting situations including a career change! Exporting a car to Norway, for one. I saw that car again in March 1997 when I travelled to Europe to take part in an international tour and I go on at least one multi-week road trip a year.  All through my online friends. Of course, there's also my habit of modifying cars and I'm restoring a 1967 Land Rover as well - just to keep things interesting!

I've tried to make this site a destination and not just a list of links to other people's pages. I hope you stick around a while and explore what's in here - it's been a work in progress since some time in 1995 or so. The pages are always evolving - you may want to check back once in a while. The most active part of the site right now are the Land Rover updates and my "Postcards from Colorado", intended to keep my friends up to date on my travels. I'm always happy to receive comments from my visitors.

So welcome to my Page de Home, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Questions? Comments? Contact Keith for all of your needs.