Postcards from Colorado

March 24, 2004:
Trail leader training in Moab
I went ghost town hunting and did a bit of high alititude exploring. These next two go together.
Sept 20, 2003:
Ghost town hunting in the San Juans
Sept 21, 2003:
Over the Black Bear Road
Sept 11-14, 2003 (sorry about the long absence!)
Back in Moab with the Solihull Society
Dec 28-Jan1, 2002-3:
New Years in Moab
The Solihull Society held their annual rally in Moab this year. The next three sets go together.
Sept 12, 2002:
Driving Poison Spider
Sept 13, 2002:
Driving Kane Creek
Sept 14/15, 2002:
Driving Metal Masher and going home
Jun 10, 2002:
Alpine Loop
Mar 10, 2002:
Back to Moab
Jan 23, 2002:
Snowshoeing into the sunset
Dec 16, 2001:
Dec 1, 2001:
A whole lot more snow in Colorado
Nov 27, 2001:
First snow in Moab
On the Road was a Land Rover driver training adventure organized by Bill Burke. The following three sets go together. Start with the top if you want the whole story.
Oct 21-23, 2001:
The beginning of On The Road aka Camp Rover West (start here!)
Oct 24, 2001:
Driving Metal Masher
Oct 25, 2001:
Driving Steel Bender
Oct 14, 2001:
Out the front door of my house.
The following three sets go together as a single trip. Start with the top if you want the whole story. You can download a map of the whole weekend, but it's big (970 KB)
Oct 6, 2001:
Going over Engineers Pass (start here!)
Oct 7, 2001:
Climbing Uncompahgre Peak
Oct 7, 2001:
Back over the pass. Adventure!
Sept 29, 2001 (updated Oct 9, 2001):
Over the Rockies to Durango
Sept 29, 2001:
The rest of the Moab trip (8 photos)
Sept 20, 2001:
My first Moab trip (12 photos)
Inital photos:
Around home (4 photos)

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