Basil's history


I'm Basil's fourth owner. Originally, it was running around north of Sudbury for Redpath Diamond Mines. It was then sold to a private owner in 1973. In 1986, it was sold again for $200. At some point, it was parked when the clutch hydraulics failed. And there it sat for ears until Ted Rose bought it and carried it home to Ottawa. As he already had a large number of projects (to put it mildly!) he put it in a barn until he could get a chance to put the time and money into getting the poor thing back on the road.

At a OVLR meeting in January, I was asking around about Land Rovers for sale in the area. Several people pointed me to Ted and in a moment of weakness he told me about his SIIa 88" in the barn. Less than a week later we went out to visit it and we struck a deal. Well, first we had to climb over the remains of an MGB GT and make our way around an unrecognisable Austin-Healey 100/4 to get to it. There were Land Rovers of all qualities on the property ranging from those that could barely support their own weight to a beautiful 86" Series I.

Here are some photos taken of the truck when it arrived in Ottawa. It was pushed into the barn in the photos and that's where it stayed until we took it out in March 2001. Click for a larger version, and the logo at the top of the page will return you to the index. These are the photos I gazed at while waiting for the various bits to come in from the UK.

Lots of character, and it matches the barn.
Okay, so the paint isn't perfect.
That Saab in the background caused some problems when we went to pull Basil out of the barn.
Goodbye to the sunshine...

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