The Rover Extraction Project.


This was actually a lot easier than I had feared. The barn was cleared out quite a bit by backhoe before we got there so all we had to do was a bit of shoveling to clear the doorway. Then we used a custom-built tow bar belonging to the OVLR and Ted's Discovery to haul Basil into the daylight once more. Ted had to do some tricky driving thanks to the odd parts car that had mysteriously appeared in the area. The trip over to Ted's place was actually rather uneventful and the Disco seemed to barely notice the extra load.

Peeking out for the first time
Not every Land Rover in the area has a future. Correction! The truck in the foreground was purchased for restoration by Ted Rose and Andrew Findlayson. Excellent news.
The door is clear and we're ready to go!
Here comes Basil, back into the world.
Pull, Disco, pull!

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