The Cadillac.

Nobody understood why I started dragging home old Cadillacs. I couldn't explain the appeal to people. I knew - there's a presence to them that's undeniable - but my friends and coworkers thought I was crazy. But now that the big green thing is complete, they get it. It's style. It's got such huge presence as it glides down the road. It's so huge. Is it perfect? No, not at all. But it looks good and is great fun for bombing around.

I seem to have a thing for iconic cars. The Miata may not be the classic British sports car, but I can count on it to run and it is what kickstarted the roadster renaissance. The Land Rover looks like it wandered right out of National Geographic. And nothing screams confidence and American excess like a giant Cadillac. I never have a hard time deciding what to drive, as they're all so different.

Besides, I live 500 miles from Las Vegas. How else to get there but in a Cadillac? Elvis or Hunter S. Thompson, you decide.

I got a '66 because it and the '65 are my favorite years for styling in the Cadillac line. Cleaner than the excessive late '50s cars, much nicer than the crass cars of the '70s and with a really cool interior. Besides, they're cheap. Both of mine are 1966 Sedan De Ville hardtops, the next best thing to a convertible. They came with the 429 cubic inch Cadillac engine for that wonderful rumble.

It's interesting working on the Cadillac versus the Rover. Parts are dead easy to get and cheap, and Cadillac was really trying to be the "standard of the world" at the time. Many of the features you see on luxury cars now, only all run by vaccum and mechanical systems. It's a little complex!

I started with a blue car purchased off eBay and christened "Daddy". You can read up on him on his own page. Unfortunately, the seller wasn't accurate in describing the car. "All electrics work" - well, yes. Except the climate control, the radio, one of the windows, the parking lights, the interior lights and more. He also had totally shot rings and blew a smoke cloud that would put James Bond to shame. So Daddy got parked and became a parts car. All the good stuff went on to the green one.

The next car hasn't gained a name. It's just "The Cadillac". A donation to a charity, this one looked bad but ran well. My friend Rick Weldon was able to stop by and check the car out before I purchased it. When it arrived at the shop, my coworkers alternated between making fun of it and feeling sorry for me. But they couldn't see what I saw...

Other members of the fleet:
Basil, the 1967 Land Rover
Baby, the 1990 Miata
The Brave Scooby
The Seven

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