The Brave Scooby

Hey, all the other cars have web pages. So it's only fair. After all, The Brave Scooby does all the work. It's the car I use to haul around parts for the others. It's the one that I take to go mountain biking. When I go skiing, I park in the woods and sleep in the back. When I need to go to Denver, this is what hauls me over the passes. Slowly, but still. It's even been off road high up above Ouray and around Moab.

1987 Subaru DL wagon. Nothing fancy. Nothing exotic. Just basic, loyal transport that gets abused. Brave little thing.

Other members of the fleet:
Basil, the 1967 Land Rover
Daddy, the 1966 Cadillac
Baby, the 1990 Miata
The Seven

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