Why do people put stripes on their Miatas? Everyone has their reasons, but it boils down to one common reason: they like the look. In that vein - or should I say vain?, here are the various Miata stripe resources that are available online.

First, I think you need to visit

Great fun - you can mix and match your own colours to find your favorites.

The photo albums. There are hundreds of striped Miatas here, separated into two categories: those that belong to me, and those that don't. I can make that distinction because this is my site.

How do you stripe a car? Well, you can either use vinyl or paint. Paul Williamson has a series of photos of his 99 getting vinyl stripes, but they kind of skip over the hardest parts. Rides Restored has a series of photos of Robb Kemper's Emerald Green 99 getting painted stripes - very interesting!

New! Dan Pedroza of MRoad has provided a very good description of how to stripe a Miata. All you'll ever need - but you do have to decide what toppings to put on those pizzas. A big thanks to Dan for this!

If there's anything you'd like to see here, including new colour requests for the Stripe Machine, please contact me and let me know. Heck, just say hi.  

Keith Tanner
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