Baby avec les stripes

Baby is a 1990 Classic Red Miata. A full list of her modifications is available, but you're here to see photos. Visible modifications include lowering by 1.5" or so, the factory air dam and 16" SSR wheels. Now, she's got the rear skirt modified to work with the dual pipes and a roll bar. The stripes are a metallic silver, 8" wide, with about 1.5" in between. They were not done from a kit, but from regular 3M vinyl. Oh yes, that roll bar.

Enough of that - on to the photos!

Dressed up for Hallowe'en. The most popular pumpkin on the block! This shot is more dramatic.

Her current appearance:

My current top picks:

This photo appeared in Road&Ster issue #17. Road&Ster is the Japanese Eunos and Mazda Roadster Club magazine. I'm baffled at how it got there, but I'm proud :)

With 338. Baby's got a new friend.  Here are some family photos of the two cars. You can also look at them as before and after shots, as that's what Baby looked like a few years ago.

Roll bar! It's a Hard Dog Sport in black with a leather cover. Very nice, and it also both stiffens the car and protects my head. Of course, I haven't actually confirmed the protection aspect, but that's what they tell me.

New wheels! 16" SSR Integrals. Only 14 lbs each!

In the Poconos at MMM...

The Z3.  This is interesting, as they don't look like the same scale!  I came across the Z3 parked at the side of the road.

Old favorites:

There are a few photos of Baby with Mr. Blue over at his place. You can compare a stock car to my modified one there.

Some photos from when I had a Racing Beat style bar installed.  I kept it for a week, and then took it off again.  It just didn't fit with my concept of how the car should be modified.

A couple of other shots, but not the best ones.

Interested in putting stripes on your own Miata? Here are a few resources:

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