More offroading...


Basil is made for venturing where most vehicles are afraid to tread. So venture he shall.

Going in to a waterhole in the Larose Forest near Ottawa. This was a steep drop taken very slowly.
Hint - close the scuttle vents when performing this trick.
Looks like a rainforest, but it's the Larose Forest again. This track didn't get much use, apparantly. We also spent some time crawling around on ATV trails.
Keith Elliot and the Yellow Peril tackle a mud hole.
Our new Jamaican friend Everton MacKenzie was along for the day and seemed to be enjoying himself.
..and that's as far as the Peril got. Now you know why Series Land Rovers don't have big fender flares!
Jean-Leon's Valdez pulls out the Yellow Peril.
Basil gives the hole a try. Almost, but no.
Hooking up the winch cable to pull out Basil. Good thing I installed that pintle hitch.
Now it's Basil's turn to pull out Valdez.
Not even our dirt bike made it through.
Testing the axle articulation of those new parabolic springs. Basil was the only truck who could take the hard line up this drop.
Doing a little wading.
Another mud bog. That high ground on the right looks tempting.....
...but it might have been best to resist. Notice the axle articulation on those parabolics!
Nobody wanted to go in the mud (the 7.50x16 tires are submerged in the rear) so there was some monkey work involved in hooking up the tow strap. Jean-Leon on the front of Valdez.
We also stopped for a moment to pull out a little Suzuki. When he saw us, he asked "Are those four-by-fours?". I didn't even feel the tow strap tighten up when I popped him out!
A good little dropoff. This was the approach to...
...a bigger drop (also seen at the top of the page in wetter conditions). Our Suzuki driver saw us take this trail as did some ATV riders. They thought we were completely nuts. I was starting to wonder myself as Basil nosed over the drop!
The Yellow Peril drops in.
It's not as exciting in a 109, however. Jean-Leon makes it look easy as Jean-Marc supervises.

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