The homecoming


Finally! It's been a long wait, but Basil made it into my driveway on March 3, 2001. Not under his own power, unfortunately. Basil does run (and runs much better since the 10-year-old 20W50 sludge was drained out and replaced with lighter, fresh 10W30) but the hydraulics are shot and thus there are no brakes or clutch.

You'll notice that the driveway is a little cluttered with Baby taking the garage and the Golf sitting out as well. Hopefully when the snow melts that problem will go away. For a few months...

You can just see Baby the Miata hiding in the garage.
Doc checks out Basil and approves. The tow bar is still attached in this photo.
Taken the next day once work had started again, thus the radio on the roof.
This was taken from the snowback that's current in Basil's parking spot! There's a lot of melting to do.
A decent shot of the interior. Basil is not a luxury car, nor did Land Rover believe in labelling for most controls. You can see the defrosters from the massive Kodiak heater.

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