Windblocker FAQ

 Here's a diagram, but you can't see it.  Sorry
Here's a diagram of the prototype - some things have been changed.
Here's a picture of the prototype - again, see below for changes.
My demo model - with red straps.
Also, a side view, sent in by Joe Jeffries.
A larger version of the one above.

What do these things look like?

It's a piece of clear acrylic 17" x 39" x 1/4" that sits on the back shelf. The corners are curved so you can put the top up while it's in place. It clears the top by about an inch along the upper edge, and you can still zip up the window with the windblocker in place.

My manufacturing has been improving as I learn, and I now have the plastic cut professionally.  The edges are clear.

Here's a diagram of the prototype. Some things have been changed, but this is the original shape.
Here's a picture of the prototype.  Again, this is the development model.  You can get an idea of how it sits, though.
My demo model - with red straps. The straps are easier to see here.
Also, a side view, sent in by Joe Jeffries. A larger version of the one above.

How easy are they to install?

Dead simple.  Sit the windblocker upright behind the seats.  Attach the bottom snap on the side closest to you, and also clip the strap in place around the seatback.  Walk around the car to the other side and repeat.  There.  You're done.  Elapsed time is about 15 seconds.  Taking it off is equally simple.

There is nothing that needs to be done to the car to allow a windblocker to be installed.  No attachments have to be added to the interior, as in some other designs.

A common question is if the snaps are double sided so that the boot can still use all 5 along the rear shelf.  Unfortunately not - I'm working on a source for these, but I haven't had any luck in the sort of quantities I want.

How can I store it when I'm not using it?

On the 1990-93 cars, you can unclip the straps that go around the seats and the windblocker will fold back to sit on the rear shelf.  You can even drop the top on top of it when it's in this position.  Owners of later cars can still get the windblocker back there, but you need to unsnap the bottoms snaps and slide the windblocker in. If you leave it here in a hot climate or strong sunlight, you can inadvertently reshape the plastic!

The windblocker will fit in the trunk, but not with a lot of leeway.  I recommend storing it on the rear shelf to avoid scratching.  The windblocker is made of plexiglas, so it will scratch.

Do they really work?

Many people seem to think so.  You can read the reviews posted on also did a comparison test.

Does it cut down on the noise when I'm driving?

Surprisingly so!  Jason Powell built his own from my directions, and did a little experimentation.  See the results for yourself.

Will it fit my car?

Probably.  The biggest factor is the placement of the seats.  If they're in significantly different places, you're not going to be able to get the windblocker to fit.  This is particularly troublesome for the passengers of short drivers!

The cockpit brace on the 94 and up cars doens't preclude the use of the windblocker.  Even with the seat all the way back, it will fit.  The shape of the cockpit brace will forve the windblocker into a curved shape, however.  This doesn't seem to be a problem except aesthetically.  The photo at the top of this page is of a 94 M that has a 6'+ driver.

Roll bars don't seem to cause a problem either - but of course, they're all a bit different.  Racing Beat models are fine.

Can I make my own?

Yes you can, and you wouldn't be the first.  The instructions haven't been updated for a while, however.

How do I get one?

This design is no longer commercially available, unfortunately. Sorry.

What other kinds are available?

Several companies make windblockers of their own design.  MM Marketing and Oris (also marketed by ASC) are two of the better known.  You can read reviews of the two in the Product Reviews.  Every windblocker design comes with a set of compromises, and it's possible that you may find these suit you better.  The Oris is not currently for sale in North America. 

If you've got any more questions, please contact me

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